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The flying biker - Quincy

Our brand new drone that will make children happy.



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The flying biker

Surprise your child with our latest innovation. The flying biker is a motorcycle drone piloted by a remote control watch. He will be able to play for hours to fly easily this last generation drone. On sale exclusively on our website.

The flying biker

The flying biker takes off and lands automatically so your child only has to worry about flying, made intuitive by an easy-to-use remote control with the hand. This shock-proof drone is equipped with protections to bounce off walls and the ground, without suffering any damage.

How does it work?

Our Flying biker is very easy to fly with a remote control watch, it is very simple to use. Everything is done from the hand. Take-off, landing, forward or backward flip, everything is done with a single gesture. To move the drone forward, just tilt your hand and the flying biker will go where you want it to go. 


The flying biker will provide a lot of fun for your child and will help them to embark on imaginary adventures.


The drone was designed to allow a stable and simple flight. The propellers are protected by a guard to avoid breaking. The flying biker can easily fly indoors.


The flying biker can be easily piloted by hand. It recharges in 45 minutes and at a range of 50 meters.

The friendly drone for your child

The flying biker is USB rechargeable and extremely portable - allowing your child to enjoy it anywhere without any interruptions.


1 Flying biker, a watch remote control, 2 replacement propellers, a user manual and  a USB cable.